How To Deal With Too Much English Homework In High School?

Most kids and parents alike feel that each of the high school teachers pile on too much of homework. In fact they feel that due to this the student is left with little or no time to pursue other things, and it leads to a lot of stress. They feel that is the one of the main causes for students dropping out of extra-curricular activities or what is worse is that the student as he or she feels they are not able to cope up anymore, end up dropping out of school totally.

However, English homework may not be the only culprit in this case. True it consists of essays or thesis or even dissertations which need a lot of research. But there are tips where these can be accomplished in minimum time and with relative ease.

  1. The student should not procrastinate till the end of the term to complete the dissertation.
  2. The place where he or she sits to do the essay or research should not be a place where there is a lot of noise and disturbance. A quiet place helps with increasing the level of concentration.
  3. The student should not procrastinate, as this is one of the killers. It ends up with the student cramming the entire work of the term to a probably a few hours, and this shows regarding a shoddy dissertation.
  4. The student should reach out for help. There are many people who they can approach or places where they can research – including the internet.
  5. One should keep a thesaurus and dictionary handy for freelance help.
  6. Native speakers should be listened to and learned from. This will help with improving the grammar and so lesser time will be spent on doing the assignment and correcting the dissertations.
  7. A lot of supplementary material should be read. This will help with increasing the vocabulary, sentence flow, creating of transitional statements and above all with conducting research.
  8. The teacher should attentively listen to rather than wasting time at school. Most of the homework can also be finished during free time at school.
  9. The student can be the party of freelance group studies or classroom studies.
  10. Clarification should be asked wherever required including more examples which are needed to simplify the topic.

All these tips will go a long way to help make life easier for the student and get their thesis done in record time.

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