Is homework necessary for students? Discussing pros and cons

The discussion of whether or not homework is good for students has been going on for a very long time, and you can rest assured that we are not seeing the last of this discussion anytime soon. For all its benefits, there are some detriments to assignments that you might want to learn about. In as far as student and homework are concerned, you simply need to make peace with whichever side of the divide you agree with.

Is homework important for students? Well, the following are the pros and cons of assignments, and hopefully, you can make up your mind from there:


  • Helps students think on their own
    Assignments are usually a good way for the students to start thinking about stuff on their own. This is why teachers insist on having you take the work at home. You can recall the work that you have done in class through the day and then use this to help you answer the questions presented before you.
  • Encourages learning outside the school environment
    Learning should not just end within the boundaries of the school walls. In fact, learning is a continuous process that never ends. With the assignments, you are able to carry on learning even when you leave the class. In fact, if you discuss the work with your family members, they might even learn something new.


  • Takes up a lot of time
    A major challenge that students and parents, in particular, have with assignments is the fact that they usually take up a lot of the student's time. When you get back home from school, at times all your parents need after being away from you the whole day is to spend some quality time with you. However, because of the work that you need to complete before school starts tomorrow, this might be impossible. Therefore, over time assignments end up straining the relationship between parents and their kids.
  • Has been linked to depression in students
    Many are the students who end up depressed and disillusioned because they are unable to handle their assignments the way they are expected to. You can only imagine how challenging this can be. Over time, so many students become depressed and this can take a toll on their health.


The decision to agree with or disagree with assignments is all on you. However, whatever you chose, remember that the learning institution that you attend has rules in place regarding assignments, and if they are given to you, they have to be completed and handed over in good time, or the impact on your final semester results will certainly be negative.

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