Advice On High School Homework: Writing A News Report

Writing a news report is nothing new in the high school curriculum but for students, it is a big deal since they have never tackled anything like this before. Composing a news report can be a very exciting and stimulating activity that requires you to pool your knowledge and writing skills. When you have been assigned a news report for your homework, it is important for you to focus on the various components that make a up a good news report viz. context, news, emotion and impact. A lot of the success of your news report homework depends on how you combine these four disparate elements.

  • Finding the right balance
  • It is important for readers to understand the facts and also what led to the events. Background details and related stories can enrich the context of your information and the emotional parts of the story make it interesting. The facts you present in your report must answer the following questions – who, when, why, how, what. As the writer, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your facts. If some of the facts of the incident were unclear, state the same in your report.

  • Getting the hang of the writing style
  • Since this is a news report, it is expected that you will use active voice. This voice makes for a more compact and understandable report. Use action verbs to compose concise and short sentences. The language you use must be simple without any excess words that do not contribute anything to the story. When writing, think about any questions that readers might have about the event.

  • How to write a good lead?
  • The first few sentences of your story constitute the lead and they need to be impressive enough to hook your readers. In case it is a hard news story, then ensure you keep on updating it as the story progresses and also include a short summary. If you are writing a human interest piece or background details, then you have to include the facts in the body of the story. When you write a lead, it helps the readers understand what the entire event is about and its relevance. It also ensures that the reader actually bothers to read the whole thing. A conversational tone is always welcome. You should never include more than a single idea within your lead. Moreover, ensure that none of your leads are lifeless and dull.

  • Additional tips
    • Never use any jargon in your report.
    • Keep words short and precise.
    • Short, simple, well-constructed sentences help you hook your readers.
    • Make sure you use a simple subject verb object form.

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